Plasmopara sp.
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Field Description Data type
accession Accession code [prefix set during compendium process followed by 6 digits for clusters (and by _ + one digit and _AA suffix for peptides)] alpha-numeric
definition_id Type of definition content e.g.:raw, family alphabetic
fragment Framedp partial prediction alpha-numeric
go Gene ontoly term or accession (e.g.:GO:0005524, "protein amino acid phosphorylation")
hit_accession Accession code of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) e.g.: Q80ZN9, PF00107 alpha-numeric
hit_bank Search for a cluster which have a blast hit against this database alpha-numeric
hit_definition Definition/product of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) alpha-numeric
hit_id Id code of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) e.g.: CX6B2_MOUSE, PF00107 alpha-numeric
hit_species Species or Taxonomy id of an analysis hit (based on blast) e.g.: 12161 alpha-numeric
interpro InterPro accession (e.g.:IPR008271)
length Sequence length numeric
link_accession Crosslinked object accession (cluster accession, peptide accession, read accession) alpha-numeric
link_type Type of cross link (between clusters, peptides, reads) alphabetic
members_definition Crosslinked object definition (read definition including species, genus, db_xref) alpha-numeric
members Cluster members i.e. read accessions (e.g.:FL671038,EL368581,...) alpha-numeric
members_species Cluster members species i.e. read species (C. intybus, C. endivia) alpha-numeric
product Definition/product based on InterPro automatic annotation alpha-numeric
sequence Sequence alphabetic