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Field Description Data type
accession Accession code [HuCLxxxxxCxxx(_x_AA) or HuX(_x_AA) for singleton: x means digits, X is the GeneBank accession (and by _ + one digit and _AA suffix for peptides)] alpha-numeric
definition_content Definition/product based on InterPro automatic annotation alpha-numeric
definition_id Type of definition content e.g.:raw, family alphabetic
definition_ontology Source of the definition content alphabetic
go Gene Ontology terms assigned automatically using InterPro analysis
hit_accession Accession code of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) e.g.: Q80ZN9, PF00107 alpha-numeric
hit_definition Definition/product of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) alpha-numeric
hit_id Id code of an analysis hit (based on blast, iprscan) e.g.: CX6B2_MOUSE, PF00107 alpha-numeric
id Gene name [X : X is the GeneBank accession, for peptides, accession = id] alpha-numeric
ipr_product InterPro based product definition
length Sequence length numeric
link_accession Crosslinked object accession (cluster accession, peptide accession, read accession) alpha-numeric
link_definition Crosslinked object definition (read definition including species, genus, db_xref) alpha-numeric
link_type Type of cross link (between clusters, peptides, reads) alphabetic
product Product definition (same as ipr_product until it has been re-assigned)
sequence Sequence alphabetic

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One element All elements containing the term glutenin in their definition
Exact order All elements with these terms in this exact order.
Greater Than All elements which have a sequence's length greater than 4000 nucleotides
Matching regexp All elements containing a term in their definition that matches oxygen like monooxygenase, carotenoid oxygenase, oxygen...
Special chars All elements which accession starts with HuCL0578. This will match HuCL05781, HuCL05782, HuCL057812,... If we replace HuCL0578* with HuCL0578?, it will match HuCL05781 and HuCL05782 but not HuCL057812.
? can be placed everywhere in the string.
And All elements with both terms in their definition
Or All elements with either terms in their definition